Helical Coil Heating Elements

Helical coil heating elements are manufactured in continuous coils or around ceramic spools and are adaptable to many types of industrial ovens and furnaces. They provide a broad power density range for application flexibility.  Furnace downtime associated with element maintenance is reduced because elements are replaceable in sections.

Furnace Type:
Carburizing, hardening, glass annealing furnaces and dies casting machines are equipped with helical coil heating elements.

Easily configured to furnace chamber
Wide temperature range
Multiple mounting optionshelical-coil-heating
Can be replaced in sections
Long service life
Quick delivery of any size order
Downtime-reducing stocking program

Primary Element Alloys:
80/20 and 70/30 Ni/Cr

Maximum Element Temperature:
Ni/Cr: 2100° F (1150° C)
Fe/Cr/Al: 2280°F (1250° C)

Power Rating:
As required.

Custom fabricated to application requirements